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Tiny Roses


What things do to people...
People..... Do to things...

Got your hands on my wallet
Got your eyes on my eyes
Don't worry about the truth...You're way beyond lies
Go live on the shiny white line
You just end up wearing one of their disguises

Like Tiny Roses.......In Your Brain.

Your insides get smaller, your bankbook gets big
Got your snout in my crotch, like some hungry pig
If you want a grave they won't spit on,
then you better start digging....

Tiny Roses.........In Your Brain

Sever the Iceplant....cut the rose from your cloudless face
The tear in the patio moon extends infinitely, or...
at least to the out field of space

Sitting on your porch watching the porcelain rain
Hold you in my arms I almost forget the strain
But I'll wake up tomorrow morning begging you to undo
my chains again.....chains of

Tiny Roses......In My Brain
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