Where Are They Now?

The Ex-Files
Kevin Morrison          ex-Manager 
Kevin was the Necks first 'real' manager and he tried hard, but he just wasn't cut out for the high-pressure, high-stakes world of music management. He did get the band a steady gig at the  infamous "Viking Lounge" in Albany CA., where the band drew capacity crowds and broke new musical ground night after night. Kevin was muscled out by **** ********  after the World Tour fiasco. Devastated, he naturally turned to the solution all ex-members turn to, a solution of 90% Gin and 10% Vermouth. Recently though, Kevin has bounced back in a big way and has his own successful hauling business. 
  John  Teague (The Rhythm Bastard)  ex-Drummer 
John's love of malt liquor, specifically 40 ounce bottles of Colt 45, (torpedoes, as the band called them) effectively torpedoed his stint with the Necks. Drummer + booze = bad news.  His reluctance to tune up his drums (loose drumheads minimize effort) forced the band to change rehearsal space one night and simply not tell him. In 1995 he wrote a bitter, tell-all book about his years with the band called "All over the Road", which to date has sold about 140 copies. John is currently fulfilling his life long dream of becoming a ace parts man at an auto parts store in Berkeley California. 
Carl "Washer" Dryer            ex-Guitar 
Carl left the band after two years citing irreconcilable differences with then manager **** ********. Carl was never truly a Pencilneck at heart. His sensitive, well thought out solos (often charted) were sweet and understated. But somehow he seemed to be more suited for a John Tesh or a Yanni, than the brash, wildly improvisational style of the Pencilnecks. He, as with most ex-members, fell into an alcoholic tailspin and  is currently scraping by as an avant-garde house painter in Marin County. 
James "JJ" Thomas       ex-Drummer? 
James is not really an ex-member, but he has quit so many times it's hard to tell what his status is moment by moment. The band would just fire him outright, but he has alot of  equipment. Constantly recovering from some new foot surgery, he always claims to be on the verge of auditioning for Santana when his foot goes out yet again. The band has always suspected that the reason he endures all these foot operations is A: to keep the band from  playing live, B: for the Vicodan. James is currently working on his newest solo effort "Chasing the Groove", a follow up to his first CD, "Hole in the Pocket."

Scotty "Hazelwood" Boatwright         ex-Bass

Scotty was the "original ex-member." He set a standard of alcohol abuse and despair that remains unparalleled to this day. As an original member of "The Zolatones", (the loose knit group that would later become "The Pencilnecks") Scotty was legendary for getting the gig, bringing in the equipment, setting it all up, doing an expert sound check and then, a job well done, proceed to get so smashed he would pass out, forcing a bartender or janitor to play bass. He finally left to go on a four month, exploratory journey into "black-out" drinking, to see if the lifestyle suited him. It did, so naturally he become a merchant marine. For more on what Scotty's up to now: click here


Ray "Little Buddy" Gilligan             Ex-Drummer

Ray has been playing drums since he was in "Pampers" and will probably be playing them in when he's in "Depends." His love of drums is second only to his love of beer. (What's with drummers and beer?) Ray would constantly speed up the songs during the sets in order to get them over faster in order to order another half dozen long neck Buds. Ray left to play with various other groups. Now, healthy, happy and sober, if not necessarily clean, Ray is with another another band and you can check them out here:

The Rocking Chair


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