by Craig Pinto

    It's difficult to figure out exactly when the Pencilnecks became a band. Certainly it
was long after they had ceased to be a street gang, but long before they became a Gracious
Retirement Community. There are those who say the Pencilnecks are a state of mind,
floating outside of the temporal limits of normal human experience, but since those people
have been taking their medications on a slightly more regular basis, they haven't been
saying that quite so often.
        While there is no ''Big Bang'' theory that might explain the creation of the Pencilnecks,
there are several ''Small Bang'' events or in the scientific vernacular ''pseudo events,''
that capture their essence, or what might be referred to by the French Existentialists as
their ''peculiar smell.''

Over the next few weeks tales of these events will be posted on this site.
We hope you enjoy their smell.

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