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The city became a shrine
We made all the lights and called it a sign
The multitude lay prostrate
The way a multitude does
The crowd began to scream
As a figure stepped from the limosine
I turned and asked them, who the hell it was

Well hes the Master
The Master of the Universe
You neither care, you live you die,
You live for ever
Hes the Master of the Universe

He was just a geek
Born on the banks of the Pinole Creek
He used to sit all day reading Rabelais
Beneath the willow tree
He never saw the morning star
But he happened to climb in just the right boxcar
Took him to the sidings of eternity


Now just about every place
I hear his words, I see his face
A cross, a bed of nails, a prime time special on T.V.
John the Baptist with his head on a tray
Walked in the room and I heard him say
Its the Master coming today

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