Daryl "Slappy"(the 2nd) Privette            Bass Player

Bottom Feeder       Daryl plays the bass as if every note is his last.  A furious war between fingers and fret board. His nimble fingers race up and down the strings like a lost kid at the Special Olympics. Often he is in key. He slaps the holy funk out of his Ibanez Roadster bass.  Some say that if  Jaco Pastorious and Bootsy Collins could have whipped up a kid in a petri dish, "Slappy" Privette would be the result.
        He joined the band after Scott Boatwright, the off and on and off again bass player during the very early period, decided to go on a three month drunk. When Scotty decided three months wasn't enough, the job became permanent. (more below)        AWARD WINNING VIDEOS

Historical Perspective


        Music has been coursing through Daryl's veins since before he was born. His Great-Grand Pappy, Slappy the first, was playing piano on the R.M.S. Titanic at 11:35 pm for a gathering of off duty floozies on April 15, 1912. This is the last known photo of  him ever taken, (on the ship anyway). Family lore has it the he stepped out onto the poop deck into the moon less night for a quick "smoke," moments after this photograph was taken. He was the first to see the huge, dark iceberg looming off in the distance.
        He  frantically yelled up to the first officer Murdock who was standing on the bridge, "Hard to Port! No..ah Starboard, no..ah, hell... Just Turn Left!! Go.. Hard Left, NOW!"   The first officer, amused, pointed out the animated "Slappy," who was now jumping around and pointing desperately, (probably distracting them from seeing the fateful berg themselves) to his mates and said, "That 'reefer-head' wouldn't know his 'aft' from a hole in the ground. Turn left.. what an idiot." They all watched and had a good laugh as Slappy, dancing erratically and waving his arms madly,  lost his voice yelling obscenities at them. Within a minute, the spotters in the crows nest above, rang out the signal for an iceberg dead ahead, but by then, it was a done deal.
        When he pushed several women and old men aside to get on a lifeboat, he felt he had already done his part. Besides, while "the band played on" (minus the piano player) as the ship went down, he could entertain the lifeboat refugees with his trusty harmonica that he always carried.  No less than Molly Brown herself called out for a "Camp Town Ladies" sing-along as they rowed away, drowning out the anguished cries of the lost passengers and crew treading water, left behind to freeze. "C'mon you crybabies..," Slappy yelled, "Everybody now..'Bicycle Built for Two'..here we go.. one, and a two..".

        He went into seclusion after returning to the states, unable to find work due to musical blacklisting and being hounded by the press as ''the worst kind of coward." The family has long wondered what "the best kind of coward" must be. He was so depressed he hocked all his musical instruments and went to work as a potato peeler. He wouldn't teach any of his 11 children music and they didn't teach their children music. The musical ball was dropped until great grand son Daryl "Slappy 2" came along and decided it was time for another Privette to get back in the game.


Daryl clowns around with his Hollywood buddies Glen Plummer, (Speed 1 & 2, Up Close and Personal, Showgirls) and Harland Williams (Down Periscope, Half Baked, Rocket Man) when he was in town to accept his FIRST PLACE award from the AMERICAN  FILM  INSTITUTE for his music video, "#2 Lane"; (on the Re-issue CD!) featuring The Pencilnecks.

first place

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