To all our brothers and sisters at the U.S. Post Office: Please ignore the calls for revenge and violence against the Pencilnecks. Despite the slurs emanating from certain misguided sociopaths in Las Vegas, the Pencilnecks’ song “I KILLED THE MAILMAN,” is not anti-postal worker. Rather it is a poignant plea for understanding in a world gone mad. Buy the CD. Listen to it yourself and make up your own mind and please, please, put down those Uzis. Besides, the original title of the song, “I KILLED THE UPS GUY,” just didn’t resonate with our test audiences. 

"I Killed The Mailman"dead mailman? 
The Pencilnecks have joined together once again and  recorded  new material for the Greatest Hits CD. Along with several new tunes they are finishing  another soon-to-be award winning music video. Look for it fall of '98!

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