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Helen bit the pomegranate and
The juice ran down her chin
I said, “ I got a feelin’
We’ll never taste fruit like this again"
As the shadows grew thick
We spit our sunny seeds upon the ground
She said “My ugly friend, I’m tired,”
And slipped into a sleep so sound
I lay weeping between her hips
And brushed the horse-flies from her lips
And I woke up with many dead birds around me

Well the people had changed, they all wore big mitts
They were flooding the shrines with air
When up stepped Moses with the Ten Commitments
On the back of a bottle of Bayer
He had concubines strung around his neck like pearls,
Pall Malls for the first born sons
While we were caught boiling our Dogma down
Without a ladle or a loaded gun
Was it a dream or was it a drug
I got down in the crosswalk beggin’ for a hug
And I woke up with many dead birds around me

From out in the suburbs there came a cry
It spread like an Amtrak train
Prometheus reaching for a big black crow
Had found a weak link in his chain
He said, “I’m going back to Olympus
Even if no one’s there”
He caught a ride to the very top
With a girl in a little Corvair
She spent the night with a convicted god
I always knew she was a cheap little broad
And I woke up with many dead birds around me

Helen held the candle to the prophet's feet and the
flames began to spread
But the Daughter of Light she sat down and cried
When she heard the words that he said
He said, “Set the tables, fill the cups with milk
Don't bother with the forks or knives
Thru the cafes the calves will wander soon
For the first time in their lives”
Well the chain lay broken it's prisoner gone
Then a cymbal crashed and the lights came on
And I woke up with many dead birds around me

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