Second Album       Released January 1989.

make out kings

1. Tiny Roses  (LIVE AUDIO)
2. I'm Quite Attracted toYou, Really
3. Let's Make Love!
4. Guns For Sale
5. Hold Me (Don't Bite Me)
6. Let's Get A Motel Baby Tonight
7. Beautiful Homes (Wonderful People)
8. Switzerland Got Funky  (LIVE AUDIO)


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Intended to be the definitive "make out" album of the 80's, this misguided effort was designed to catapult them into genuine 'Teen Idol" status. Their then managers, (Stars Now!) advised them to pick a genre and put out seven songs that were more or less the same, but the boys balked and insisted on total control, hence the failure. They decided to use the 'scatter shot' approach and send their original tunes all over the musical map, hoping for a hit single, somewhere, anywhere, be it pop, rock, funk, whatever, they didn't care.

    The core group somehow remained intact throughout this "childishly erotic" album (Readers Digest, Feb. '89) but, unbelievably, they tried out a new drummer on every song. Perhaps, just as importantly, they used a different catering service on every tune.  Some blame the risk-taking  inconsistencies on the varying rhythm styles of each drummer, while others lay blame on singer Cassady's constant and distressing breaking of  wind in the studio.
    Sadly, while they were hoping for the cover of  Teen Beat, Tiger Beat or even Down Beat, they did manage to make two paragraphs in the March issue Psychology Today. Their management team quit two days after its release.

Review: "Music to demand a divorce by." Rolling Stone, Feb. '89
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