4th Album  (also known as  "Neck High") released "Summer of Love"   June 1994 Neck High

  1. Marijuana  (LIVE AUDIO)
  2. Smack's Back
  3. It Was a Beautiful Fucking Drug
  4. Sherm (Grizzlies on PCP)
  5. Crankster Girl
  6. I Woke Up With Many Dead Birds around Me
  7. Chick Fight
  8. The Night Eddie Terrini Died
  9. The Ballad of Juan Corona
  10. Waiting at Cutting Liquors
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Trying to hop on the "Retro" bandwagon, the boys create "an incoherent masterpiece"  (Esquire- July '94) based on the idea of the return of  the "New Hippies."   This drug oriented "Concept Album" dug deep into their 'white trash' roots. Unfortunately, they were so stoned during this period, they didn't realize the era of the drug-themed-concept-album had passed two decades earlier. Expecting it to be the "Sgt. Pepper" of the 90's, they made what they thought was the single most brilliant marketing coup of the decade: They decided to release the music on 8-track only, reasoning that all those aging Boomers with old Mustangs and Cameros would want something new to play in their obsolete decks. They were wrong. The resulting financial disaster forces the band to file for protection under Chapter 13.

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