3rd album      Released Good Friday,  1992

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  1.  He Came (But He Won't Be Back) (LIVE AUDIO)
  2.  I Keep Praying (For A Female Jesus)
  3.  He Was Just An Ordinary Dope
  4.  Tired Angels
  5.  Something Fell On A Turkey
  6.  Master of the Universe
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This briefly successful and often misunderstood religious album was inspired by the band attending a concert of  Duke Ellington's "Sacred Music." Its short-lived but controversial popularity  was probably due to hysterical cries for a nationwide boycott by the United Council of Churches. They even included a warning on later pressings on the album proudly declaring they were the only band ever to be banned simultaneously by the Unitarian Church and oddly enough, the Church of Scientology. Why they were upset no one knows.

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